The Vaccine Development Center of San Antonio

The Vaccine Development Center of San Antonio

Brings together researchers who support the development of vaccines at all stages: from A (antigens, adjuvants, antibodies) to V (vectors, variants, vaccination).

Our Center

See what we’ve been up to. Invite your most innovative colleagues and join us in San Antonio Thursday November 9th for the Annual VDCoSA Conference, where we’re looking to make a little noise. We’ve previously had 10-minute Lightning Talks for trainees, and this year we’re bringing the Thunder, with 10-minute Thunder Talks for faculty. For 2023, we will also be including research related to the development of cancer vaccines. It’s about time.

About Us

The Vaccine Development Center of San Antonio (VDCoSA) has been bringing scientists together since 2012, when it was first founded to foster a more collaborative and inter-disciplinary culture. VDCoSA’s two major focuses have always been to encourage collaboration among scientists in vaccine research, which includes applying for grants to fund collaborative proposals, and to host an annual symposium on infectious diseases, immunology and vaccines. In the words of VDCoSA’s founding executive director, Ken Trevett, “Science is a team effort. This Center is built on the extraordinary power of people working together.”

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